Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund Receives $300,000 Gift at 1870 Dinner
Donation Made by Patrick McConathy Secures Scholarship Fund at Colorado State University

January XX, 2010 (Denver, CO) The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund announces the receipt of a generous $300,000 gift from Patrick McConathy, member of the Board of Governors at Colorado State University. The donation made at the 1870 Dinner hosted by Colorado State University, secures the endowed scholarship fund which has already enabled five students to attend the University and celebrated one graduate this December.

"This gift not only anchors Javad and Vivian's legacy at CSU, but will empower future generations to come," said Rhonda Fields, mother of Javad Marshall Fields and founder of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund. "This gift inspires me to continue to have hope, despite tragedy and to give back in ways that truly, open doors, changes lives and transforms the world!"

Fields attended the 1870 Dinner for her efforts in raising $10,000 to support the scholarship. During her presentation of the monies raised from various fundraisers, McConathy made the charitable gift originally as an anonymous donor. Fields' goal for 2009 was to ensure the maturity of "The Marshall Fields/Wolfe Memorial Scholarship" allowing selected students a yearly renewable scholarship which would support them from freshman year through graduation. The donation now makes this goal a reality.

"I hold in high esteem the privilege to be a donor to Colorado State University, a reputable institute which fosters students who possess the knowledge and skills to compete in a global marketplace and live full, rewarding lives," said Fields.

Fields' charity, the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund, was established last year and has a two pronged mission: lobbying legislation in an effort to strengthen the state's witness protection program and to provide financial support to potential Colorado State University students who are willing to make an investment in their future by shaping knowledge in ways that promote public safety and reduce victimization.

Now that the scholarship is endowed, Fields will carry on lobbying legislation and plans to concentrate on creating educational events for Colorado's youth. For more information about the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund please visit

Javad Marshall Fields
In late June 2005, Javad was scheduled to serve as a key witness for the prosecution in the trial of a friend's murder. Javad cooperated with law enforcement, however he was never offered information about witness protection. On June 20, less than a week before the trial was set to begin, Javad and his fiancee, Vivian, were shot and killed by the defendant in the murder trial. Sir Mario Owens, Javad and Vivian's murderer, now sits on death row awaiting the death penalty. Owens is only one of two prisoners to be handed this sentence in the State of Colorado.