Rhonda Fields' Journey to Justice Gains Momentum with the Establishment of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund Charity New Charity Established to Uphold Truth, Justice and Courage

June 17, 2009 (Denver, CO) Rhonda Fields' journey is one of inspiration and determination since the murder of her son, Javad Marshall Fields and his finance, Vivian Wolfe. For the last four years, she has dedicated herself to the pursuit of truth, justice and courage. Fields is now proud to announce the establishment of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund charity that she formed earlier this year. The organization has a two pronged mission: lobbying legislation in an effort to strengthen the state's witness protection program and to provide financial support to potential Colorado State University students who are willing to make an investment in their future by shaping knowledge in ways that promote public safety and reduce victimization.

"Since 2005, Vivian's mother and I have worked to strengthen victim advocacy and ensuring that justice is a priority," said Fields. "We have worked with legislative and governmental leadership in Colorado to reinforce the State's Witness Protection Program. Our efforts have helped create new laws that raise awareness regarding witness protection and public safety."

The fundamental belief that no individual should lose their life because they have chosen to cooperate with law enforcement drives Fields in accomplishing her mission to provide continued education to high school graduates.

The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to bring forth the best in individuals and organizations. Four students attending CSU are currently recipients of scholarships and the first scholar will be graduating this year.

To continue sending qualified students interested in attending CSU, Fields' charity is hosting three key events to raise necessary funds:

  • June 19 Shared Vision for Change and Justice Awards Ceremony at the Aurora Municipal Center
  • June 20 Journey to Justice Run/Walk to Remember, marking the anniversary of Javad and Vivian's shooting
  • September 10 Golf Tournament, taking a swing at social responsibility at Saddle Rock Golf Course

The establishment of the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund has reinvigorated Rhonda Fields. After years of working tirelessly and making public appeals for someone to come forward with information on the murders of her son and his finance, Fields is finding hope. She is seeding hope for the next generation and ensuring that truth, justice and courage are a part of every citizens right when upholding the law.

For more information about the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund and about the above events, please visit

Javad Marshall Fields In late June 2005, Javad was scheduled to serve as a key witness for the prosecution in the trial of a friend's murder. Javad cooperated with law enforcement, however he was never offered information about witness protection. On June 20, less than a week before the trial was set to begin, Javad and his fiancee, Vivian, were shot and killed by the defendant in the murder trial. Sir Mario Owens, Javad and Vivian's murderer, now sits on death row awaiting the death penalty. Owens is only one of two prisoners to be handed this sentence in the State of Colorado.