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The Marshall Fields/Wolfe Memorial Scholarship Fund is a sponsored 501 (c) (3) non-profit that relies on donations from organizations, corporations, and individuals.


The Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to students who are willing to make an investment in their own futures. Scholarships are awarded yearly to incoming freshman students that meet eligibility criteria managed by Colorado State University. Our goal is to provide a yearly renewable scholarship which follows the incoming freshman student through graduation. This fund is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and provides an opportunity for outstanding students to reach their fullest potential.


Your donations will also allow us to continue our work wiith state and local government and to educates protect future witnesses on their witness protection rights. We cannot allow a “No Snitching” campaign to interfere with critical information needed for police and prosecutors to solve crimes. We much stop community-wide intimidation and fear by making it safe for victims and witnesses to cooperate with the justice system.

Our goals are to increase public safety and confidence, reduce citizen fear and promote cooperative and more productive relationships between residents and the justice and law enforcement systems designed to protect us. Our committee is on a campaign to support police officers and prosecutors.
There are many different ways to support us:

Time - Volunteer | Talent - Skills | Treasure - Funds & Resources

Our donors recognize that The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund offers them an opportunity to make a substantial impact on the future of our Youth and the safety of our Communities. Your contribution is tax deductible to IRS Code Section 501 (3) c non-profit organization.

Fields/Wolfe Scholarship & Memorial Fund
Your contribution is tax deductible to IRS Code Section 501 (3) c non-profit organization.