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Javad Marshall Fields had just graduated from Colorado State University when he was expected to be a key witness in the trial of the murder of his friend Gregory Vann. Gregory had been killed in 2004.

On June 20, 2005, less than one week before the murder trial was to begin, Javad and his fiancé, Vivian Wolfe, were shot and killed as they waited at an intersection in their car. More than eight months after their deaths, three men were charged with the deaths to keep Javad from testifying against the accused killer of Gregory Vann.

No one should have to give up their lives like Javad and Vivian did while they were helping the prosecution put criminals behind bars.

The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund exists to ensure justice is found through our court system. Your support is necessary to keep their memories alive, as well as keeping the work we do moving forward.

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Spurred by the tragic deaths of their children, Javad and Vivian's mothers are working hard with Colorado legislators to strengthen the States Witness Protection Program. To that end, State Representative Michael Garcia and State Senator Nancy Spence introduced House Bill 1379 that would ensure the safety of witnesses and victims through effective training of the Witness Protection Program to District Attorneys throughout the State of Colorado. Additionally, the bill encourages law enforcement agencies and victims' advocates to develop risk-assessment tools to promote safety and security standards for citizens involved in judicial proceedings.

This key piece of legislation passed both House and Senate in 2009 and was signed by the Governor. It is for this reason that we exist - to protect and serve the admirable individuals who are willing to assist in prosecuting criminals.


Much work remains to be done. We must protect future witnesses. We cannot allow a “No Snitching” campaign that currently exists in some cultures to interfere with critical information needed for police and prosecutors to solve crimes. We much stop community-wide intimidation and fear by making it safe for victims and witnesses to cooperate with the justice system. Our goals are to increase public safety and confidence, reduce citizen fear and promote cooperative and more productive relationships between residents and the justice and law enforcement systems designed to protect us. Our committee is on a campaign to support police officers and prosecutors.

Your support is needed as we support police officers and prosecutors and the witnesses that make our justice system work effectively.

Resolution: Celebrating Courageous Citizens of Colorado

Each year on June 20th, the anniversary of the killings of Javad Marshall-Fields and Vivian Wolfe the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional citizens making a powerful differences in our state and nation. This special awards ceremony brings together the community to pay tribute to people who have devoted their time and talent to civic engagment, academic success and public safety. The Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund commemorates a life of character, integrity and courage.
Power of One, the Strength of Many